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To be a photographer is to see where others just looking

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Day Three Hundred Fifty Seven, January 14, 2012

little red shoe ballerina

Life is a series of tiny moments stringed together with emotion. Throughout this string are some impressions that just stand out and demand to be remembered. A writer might write about them, an artist might immortalize them with their brush, and us photographers, we pray that our camera is there within arms reach to capture that moment and use it again and again to take us back there, to the place where we felt something movingly significant.


Day Fifty Eight, March 21, 2011

a brief moment of clarity

It is rare and precious when we are able to pause all the noise, to push back all the pressures, to move away all the smoke screens and be able for just a brief moment to receive clarity. It is like being frozen in time, everything slowed down and something clicks, clear understanding. Moments like these are rare, but when they happen, they feel like eternity. They are short but deep, multidimensional, elevating. They are moments when being human make so much sense.