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Day Two Hundred Fifty Six, October 5, 2011

to cross or not to cross

City life is fast, unrelenting, and always moving. At all time, you are pushed and shoved into different directions with the moving crowd, unless you are able to move against the rushing current. How do you do something that counts in a sea of humanity? How do you swim against the stream? How do you find your freedom in a world of old doctrines and a society of rigid opinions?

photo taken: a cross road and moving taxi in central Hong Kong by night

Day Two Hundred Fifty Five, October 4, 2011

wellington street

Busy by day, throbbing by night, loud, charming, strange, inviting, intriguing, eccentric, exotic, luxurious, poor, narrow, hilly, frustrating, enjoyable, intoxicating, mysterious, old, new, broken down, ultra modern, falling apart, stairs, escalators, under construction, Cantonese, Mandarin, British… Hong Kong

photo taken: Wellington street, Hong Kong island by night

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