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Day One Hundred Seventy Five, July 16, 2011

a tender moment...

It was a Saturday afternoon, the city is Shanghai, the alley is very crowded, the heat was extremely suffocating, the people were irritated, pushing, shoving, impatient…

And then from the corner of my eye, I sensed a calm, a special moment, in the middle of all the noise, a bubble of containment, a special love from human to cat passed with a tender caress, another wonderful human gift, the ability to transfer emotion and I was lucky to witness it.

Day Forty One, March 4, 2011

film man and his cat

I walked and walked and walked today. I love walking the streets of Shanghai on sunny winter days taking in the alleys, the laundry hanging in the street, the meat drying in the winter sun next to people’s undergarments, the locals sunning on the curb on their lounge chairs, the board games, the millions of bicycles, the street food stalls, the workers… all of it.

Today I took so many shots and saw so many smiling faces and then I saw the odd dramatic face like that of film man and his cat who stared me down but not before the moment was captured.


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