Day One Hundred Thirty One, June 2, 2011


living in your own bubble

I am still very inspired by the early morning Tai Chi I witnessed yesterday in the street and I keep thinking of how important it is to create our own bubble, our space that we can be inside of when we need to think clearly. It is of course the most natural thing for any human to have this space, and it is in our very design. The greatest achievement is to be able to keep our bubble clean, safe and uncluttered. Only that way it can provide the safety each one of us longs for, the sense of knowing who we are and what we are meant to be doing…

Photo taken with my favorite model, Lea


Day Forty Nine, March 12, 2011


Spring has arrived in a bubble!

Today was the first day that we truly felt Spring in the air! We planned a little picnic with treats, books, a memory game and of course smiles and bubbles!

Happy Spring everyone!

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Bubbles, bubbly bubbles!

Why bubbles, what is the magic of bubbles? Why is it the most selling toy in the world? Why do children love bubbles so much and open their eyes wide when they see them, chase after them, try to catch them, watch them pop, and they can do that every day!

An amazing phenomenon of nature, they  have been around since the beginning of creation. They have been there since the first bubble supposedly popped and formed the first galaxy. Scientists call them “minimal surface structures’ because they hold the most gas or liquid inside them using the minimum surface area. And that sounds all too complicated..

For a child it is simply magic! It is a bubble, a round, reflective, colorful, fragile, flying, magical ball that they love to play with anytime.

Don’t you love bubbles too? Something about them makes us smile with wonder…