Day One Hundred Eighteen, May 20, 2011

The face that forces you to smile

I was walking in a small alley in Shanghai with my camera and zoom lens thinking that today I will not photograph people, I was looking for details, patterns, small things as that is where my mind was. Suddenly I hear a giggle, a shy hello. I looked back and this beautiful old lady was giggling at me, shyly trying to make contact, forcing me to smile back with an even sillier grin. We just stood there like smiling idiots the two of us till I snapped a few portraits. Another one of life’s magical, human, unforgettable moments recorded…

Day Fifty, March 13, 2011

A magical circle of girls

To watch a group of little girls play in harmony is to witness magic in the making! I was transfixed watching Lea and her friends play this afternoon from the window of our 16th floor apartment in Shanghai. Little pink shapes running, hair flying, smiles shining, conspiracies being planned, whispers and looks exchanged, giggles echoing, and the essence of pure joy filling the spring air !

…This is until they start to misbehave and the naughty fairy syndrome appears !