A few hours in Cologne~

Today I drove to cologne and walked around the amazing cathedral that forces you to travel back in time to days when life was slower if not harder and simpler if not less convenient. Inside the cathedral all was calm and filled with a sense of reverence. Outside, the square was buzzing with movement, cameras clicking, laughter, bubbles and the loud silence of those who have less and sit in corners waiting for some to give. And some do give…

Day 13 of 365

Images taken today in Cologne, Germany

Photography street

Day Two Hundred Ninety One, November 9, 2011

the forgotten

They walk the streets, looking for scraps, begging for attention, praying for kindness, hoping for a kind soul, questioning their existence, wondering what their day will bring. We see them, we cringe, we feel some guilt, we help them sometimes, we feel good for a moment and then we do them the greatest insult of all, we forget them.

This drifter will not be forgotten.