Reading the runes of today~

In a world where impressions and information bombard us from all directions as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, how do we make sense of what is happening in the world?

In a single day you hear of a president resigning, a new scandal unfolding with another president, a child shooting other children, Olympic Games, your own private messages and communications, other local news, advertisements in your mailbox, and so much more to process in one single day.

Makes me wish for a life when news came from watching a starry night sky (as a friend mentioned she did yesterday to start her day), a walk on the beach, a meditation, a good, long and deep conversation with a good friend…

How great it would be to see the world from a higher place, at least once a day.

Day 46 of 365~

Image taken from a balloon at sunrise in the magical kingdom of Myanmar.

Day Thirteen, February 4, 2011

her yellow balloon of hope

Today I toured the island on a hired tricycle with my friend Sabrina to see what lies behind the exterior of fancy hotels and beach bars, shops and restaurants.

What we met was a very basic and humble way of life in little streets with stilt wooden houses, small kiosks, narrow winding streets and many smiling faces.

I am always most caught by the children who seem to mirror their culture in a pure and natural way. This little girl on a beautiful white sand beach was walking with her brother and father, her hair bleached from many hours spent in the sun, feet rough from  walking barefoot, wearing a hand me down t-shirt as a makeshift dress and holding on to her yellow balloon protectively as if it held the last bit of hope of her for a brighter future…