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Day 29~ September 29th~ Tuscany

easier to smile in the sun

Isn’t it?


Day One Hunderd Four, May 6, 2011

the pout

This is the look I call ‘the pout’. Children learn it at a very early age when their clever little heads realize they can exert emotional pressure on you. It immediately follows a rejection from you to one of their strong wishes. They test it repeatedly and they realize over time that it mostly works on fathers and has only a  little effect on mothers. Some still use it as adults to receive needed attention. As adorable as it is, my only response to it is to photograph it 🙂


Day Fifty Five, March 18, 2011

Yes, they can have attitude at almost 7!

When they are babies, they cry for obvious reasons, hunger, discomfort or illness.

Then they get older and they learn that tears are also something they can use in their daily theater.

They start to cry for attention, cry to test their limits, cry to protest your parenting decision, cry to influence you emotionally,

or they simply cry because they like to see things differently through the drops of salty water in their eyes and they just find that fascinating as my daughter confessed today after her time out!