Day Two Hundred Eighty Nine, November 7, 2011


I remember riding the subway years ago in New York City on the way to work and back and doing what people end up doing on the train, watching other people. And I remember always how fascinating it was to watch people sleeping, because even the most seemingly rough person can look so peaceful and innocent when they are sleeping. It is a mystery that, because it seems to me that when we sleep, our personalities, our hardened identities, our rough shells, are put away to rest and out comes the fragile us, the us that are innocent, gentle, kind, human…

photo: Lea, just moments after falling asleep

Day Two Hundred Seventy Three, October 22, 2011


At our local wet market where I buy our daily fruits and vegetables, the residents of the chicken stall were asleep. One temporarily and the others sort of permanently. This market makes me contemplate going vegetarian once again. The black chicken there is called Silkie, and it is a very much valued breed of chicken that is said to have originated in China and it is called wu gu ji (烏骨雞 in Chinese, which is literally ‘dark boned chicken’. Alive, and before going into permanent sleep as in this photo, they are covered with black fluffy fur (as opposed to feathers of other chicken).

More cultural traditions to get used to in our life in China.