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Morning Coffee Talk~ 31/365

What does the future hold?

Good Morning,

Tonight we say goodbye to 2021 and walk into 2022 with caution and wonder at what it might be holding.

The intense events seem to be getting only more intense, the uncertainty less certain but the hope and wonder is always there. Hope is there in the first moment we open our eyes in the morning to a clean slate after another planetary rotation, it is there in the stability and constancy of every sunrise, in every flower blossoming, blade of grass growing and in the wonder, innocence and hope that live with every uncorrupted child on this planet.

I wish for us all to move with strength, hope and resilience into this new year and with more thought and care for our amazing hospitable home, our blue planet.

Image was taken yesterday at the Dubai Expo, Malaysia Pavillion.

contemplations morning coffee talk street photography UAE

Morning Coffee Talk~ 30/375

Expo2020 Dubai

Good Morning,

Being here in Dubai feels like travel to a parallel world in so many ways. In the last few days I have gone from winter to summer, from rain to sun, from indoors to almost all outdoors living, from a covid focused reality to a world of control over covid existence.

The world expo is buzzing with people from all over the world and the organization seems impeccable.

The place is a playground for street photography and I can’t wait to see what my camera manages to do by the end of the day.

I wonder what international gathering of this kind and the bringing together of global innovation and arts into one place causes each time a world expo takes place.

Back to exploring…


Wishing you a bright 2020~