On the love of photography ~

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Magic lives in every moment, all around us and it just waits to be captured. It’s as simple as that and when we are about to capture a moment we want to treasure, we just know it. We feel the magic as our finger presses the shutter and we just can’t wait to see the result because we are at that moment so sure that this moment was worth capturing.

On the love of photography~

Day 40 of 365~

Image taken somewhere in New York

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  1. Beautiful photos and great perspectives in your shots!

  2. Some good feeling ibget after seeing this picture. I could say it brightened up my day. The fact that in my country we dont really get to experience winter. Its basically summer all year through out. Well with a few months of rain. 😁

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  4. This photo is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful click. Picture feels alive.

  6. Absolutely showing the love of photography, but also the love of life and nature. Very good Mimo!

  7. I loved the thoughts! I returned from a month trip this week. I remembered thinking if I bring back 3 great photos, I will be happy. I know the one was great because when posted my son made a nice comment. When he comments I know it is a great photo! Have a great day.

  8. You are spot on about capturing the moments. Just like this one. Nice capture.

  9. This photo of Natalie is one of my top five favorites from the Dropbox file you sent. I was planning to print it out for our art show, along with at least one of julien on the ice, one of finnia (with the ice that she is looking through although i prefer the color version) and one of helena jumping through the air with another child beneath her. There might be one of clio too, but i think there is one of the whole group that I love, oh yes, the one where we are all jumping as a group, i adore that one. You are awesome Amina! πŸ™‚ hayley

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