Ocean of Humanity~ New York City

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If you ever walked in this amazing metropolis you would know that it just does not inspire you to stop. You find yourself walking and walking and walking without any inclination to stop. I have always loved that about New York. Everyone is busy doing something and inside of it all is a calm like the eye of the storm. It’s like a general agreement to keep the wheels turning night and day because this is just what the city needs.

Day 22 of 365

Images taken on the highline this afternoon

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  1. Cool pictures. I like that blurry look, it really complements your story well.

  2. The pictures are so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I love how you’ve captured the moment and observed things so well. Keep up the amazing blogs! (also followed. Follow back maybe ☺)

  3. yes, you are so right about the walking – love the photos

  4. Wow, the photos vividly captured the fast-paced environment in a very interesting manner! I liked the way you did the shots. πŸ™‚

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