Lightness Of Spirit~

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Everyday the world gives us so many reasons to have a heavy heart. Global warming, poverty, threats of war, cruelty, disease and most recently, vulgar and unworthy leadership.

Fighting the state of affairs with a heavy heart can only feed the cause of darkness in its attempt to veil our bright world. No. We will fight it with dance, music, art, inspiration and goodness. The darkest of nights cannot extinguish the light of one single candle.

Good night from Germany.

Day 14 of 365

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  1. fantastic photography

    well shot and captured

  2. Love love the first photo! Your black & whites… *gushes* lol ^_^

  3. When the soul and heart flies. Quite beautiful n_n

  4. Good day from Greece! Lovely post.

  5. Thank you for your wise words today ( Jan 15) and for your photos, always revealing beauty in surprising ways. Let us embrace these times with loving hearts and light minds.

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