Choosing Wisely~ The Internal Struggle

the internal struggle
~the internal struggle

My daughter asked me after hearing of the sad events caused by terrorism in Beirut and Paris the last 2 days: “why do humans terrorize other humans?” Questions like this always get us into a journey of search for the truth, for reason, for sanity and for an explanation that can offer settlement, even if it was short-lived.

We are given a choice, the moment we were born to be as good or as bad as we want to be. We battle with our own morality throughout our lives here on this planet. We seek out desperately that bit of cool blue logic to give us strength to choose wisely.

I posted several ‘pray for Paris’ tributes on social media today and I was caught by one comment from someone saying that “if prayer helped, then the world would already be a better place”. But do we just give up hope in the face of an uncertain future? What kind of world are our children inheriting?

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You questions are difficult ones to digest. Peace is elusive and will remain so as long as there are power imbalances in the world. Education has been rightly called an answer to the ills of mankind by our greatest thinkers. Moreover, people who are educated should not remain silent due to fear when confronted by bigotry; as hate is the true enemy and bigotry is grown slowly, incramentally, over time when people who should know better are silent when their spirit hears the truth distorted. I also would like to believe that the mankind has the potential to get better, and we have, indeed, been getting better over the course of our history. Savage acts that we have witnessed in recent history are amplified in effect on our collective consciousness due to those improvements in our society but no person is born into this world with hate in their heart or bigoted thoughts in their head. Those illnesses of the heart are sown by seeing, experiencing, and being repeatedly indoctrinated into believing that another human being who is not known intimately, is different than, and less than ourselves or our tribe.

Merci Marie-Claire for your thoughts.
Your daughter is already wise beyond her age. Trust children to ask the right questions.
Lebanon has payed a hard price to cruelty. Now Syrians. Now Paris.
I don’t know what I would tell your daughter. All I’ve been thinking for some time, since Charlie Hebdo in january was Munich. (Not 1972, 1939) If History counts for something it seems to me that in the face of rising darkness, when all other options have failed there is nothing left but to say NO, loud and clear and take arms if that still fails.
A hundred years ago, in 1915, my grandfather was in the “tranchées” at verdun, fighting WWI.
War is coming back.
You and your family, please, be safe.

Of course now we have to wonder about the state of the world, but the state starts at home, this is the only place we have a little control – this is where the best choices are made – you and your daughter make a wonderful team – you are her home..c

This requires resolve and compassion: love and hate, logic and intuition.

Dillon said it as, “You’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody”

This never ends. It is part of life.

Thank you for asking the important questions. Pray is indeed needed, but so is diplomacy, cooperation, listening, and tolerance. All of what we model in our homes daily. Or at least what we could be modeling…

“We seek out desperately that bit of cool blue logic to give us strength to choose wisely.”

If we did use logic then this problem would have been dealt with 1,400 years ago. Instead we used “Hope.” We hoped that this terroristic threat, based on dogma, was simply a passing thing. It is not and will never be. Think hard about what our next logical step should be. It is a question for each and every culture/country to grapple with.

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