First snowflakes in Shanghai

snow white and she~ Shanghai

snow white and she~ Shanghai

And it took us all by surprise, the first snow in Shanghai…

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  1. One of my most favorite cities in the world, it’s an amazing mix of old and modern where you can see the 1930s a couple of blocks from 2014.

  2. Wow *-* Beautiful pics ! Come see mine !

  3. That’s a stunning shot, mate. Really, really well done.

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  5. Wonderful portait in a surreal urban mood.

  6. you are the best

  7. Wow what a fantastic photo! I am currently just setting up my own blog about my travels and photography hoping you can take a look at thanks

  8. love this b&w shot!

  9. hahaha, great facial expression the girl is showing! Nice shot!

  10. A very good photo indeed. Love your snowflakes.

  11. Hauntingly beautiful image! – Always love seeing what inspired sights you & your camera find.

  12. Thats an amazing shot. I love the composition and contrast.

  13. Una gran fotografía, me gusta mucho el desenfoque del primer y último plano, fantástica¡¡

  14. Mimi, great photo! What is usual for us can be extraordinary for others.

  15. Great and atmospheric!

  16. Is it unusual to snow this time of the year?

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