The child inside us all

Eighty five and exploding with stamina

Eighty five and exploding with stamina~ the bund~ Shanghai

Every once in a while I meet an incredible human, and they remind me that aging is a natural process that only claims our physical body. The spirit is always effervescent if we allow it to be, the soul is only more experienced and our mind can only grow richer if we feed it in the right way. This lady I met this morning, early at sunrise was giggling while doing her morning exercise and very proudly telling my friends and I that she is 85 years old and still feels young and full of energy. She was infectious in her enthusiasm and bright spirit, light as a feather and innocent as a small child. She renewed my hope in life and its beauty and easily added herself to my list of unforgettable people.

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  1. Such a Faustian deal we have with our world. Taught to want the very things that exclude us from what we already have. This lady, I think, never made that deal. An inspiration for us all to think again. A good photograph because of what it means.

  2. A glorious photograph.. I intend to keep my childlike wonder until I am her age 🙂

  3. Such a wonderful capture and use of shallow depth of field, Mimo! LIKE LIKE LIKE!

  4. oui c’est sûr, la vie est belle ! Quel magnifique éclat de rire sur ce visage, c’est superbe !

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