The Way

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along the yellow line~ Seoul

along the yellow line~ Seoul

I remember walking as a very young child  in our small mountain village in Lebanon, and just as I passed the old movie theater that used to only play Indian tragedies, an English word popped in my head. At that time, English was quite foreign to me and my vocabulary was extremely limited, yet somehow an adult word appeared: “determined”. I never forgot that word and I only learned its meaning years later as a teenager. It was one of those strange life moments that are very difficult to explain. This little story brings me back always to ‘the way’, and for me there is a way that I know I need to follow if I listen carefully to the same nudging that introduced the word “determined” to me. And as with all good things, the way is never the easy one…

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  1. Hi Mimo! I echo drawandshoot’s words, this new series of your’s is a great departure for you and the results are both stunning and very inspiring! Adrian

  2. Excellent composition!

  3. Beautiful in every way, Mimo. Your new series is just gorgeous and inspiring.

  4. Yes, there is a sense of wisdom not only in the photos; but in what you write…Thanks a lot.

  5. your posts are almost like a meditation to me, thank you for sharing your compassion and kindness. Namste. Cornelia

  6. Great use of narrow DoF mimo. I like your Lebanon chilhood narratives very much, makes me fondly remember my childhood.

  7. nice shoot…
    let’s walk

  8. follow the yellow brick road… 🙂

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