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Blur wish project

Blur wish project
Time is but a relative concept~ cyclist~ Shanghai

As I began to get very inspired by artists and photographers who mastered the art of blur, I decided to give it a go and experiment with it in both dslr camera and iPhone. It took me on a journey today thinking about motion, time, vision, impressions and how they all come together in a magical dance to capture that special moment when time can be slowed down and dragged slowly to transport us through portals between the two worlds of now and then. Time is a very relative concept if we think about it and I often do. We feel it slowing down, speeding up, and standing still depending on our mental process. Last summer I had a near fatal car accident while driving the car very fast on a Germany autoban and the moments between the time the tire exploded and the car eventually coming to a stop after bumping along the side the highway felt like a slow eternity. The world just stopped and all became a clear blur if that makes any sense. There was more room for thinking slowly and calmly and the regular rules no longer applied.

So time, elastic, not fixed, blurry edges, enigmatic, just like life itself.



By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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“The world just stopped and all became a clear blur if that makes any sense.” I know just what you mean, Mimo, having had an experience when that happened to me. Love the image and your words to go with it.

I love the picture, dear Mimo! I love this new project of yours! Incredibly beautiful, it seems that cyclist with speed over 500 kilometers per hour.
Have a great weekend dear Mimo! Be blessed with much happiness!
With much love, Stefania! πŸ™‚

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