Moving into a new world

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behind all the fog

behind all the fog~ paris

I dream of a world were we can walk together looking forward with a sense of mission and not at each other with suspicion

I dream of a time when we see with a clear vision and not be hindered by wars, disputes and division

I dream of seeing the day when the fog finally disperses and humans can champion the onset of future forces

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  1. Lovely image. Wise words.

  2. Very cool images – Doubly shrouded. Beautiful!

  3. dear mimo i am not shore if you have the thinking before the picutr or after but it so much fit together ,,,,
    i share the same dream thnaks very much

  4. Excellent Mimo. Towering through the fog.

  5. Very beautiful, I love the sad mood.

  6. Wow! Simply amazing photograph.

  7. Great, great shot!

  8. What a great shot! I love the way the Tour Eiffel rises out of the fog!

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