Day 13~ December 13th~ Guilin

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every boat needs its boatman

every boat needs its boatman

… so is our soul to our body, that would otherwise roam the world aimlessly…

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  1. Great lighting & depth of view!

  2. Beautiful, colours, bokeh to die for but I confess I could do with some aimless wandering..

  3. Your words provide a powerful analogy.

  4. Great photo! I think composerinthegarden already wrote what my thoughts were 🙂

  5. Hi Mimo,

    I have really enjoyed your Guilin series as this was where John and I have a week after seeing you in Shanghai. It is a wonderful spot. Everywhere you turn there is a photo oppotunity. Thank you for sending through great reminders.

  6. Now this is one GREAT image!!!! So cinematic!!!!!

  7. Love the lighting and limited color palette, Mimo – wonderful shot.

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