Day11~ December 11th~ Guilin

The grander love of grandparents

The grander love of grandparents

It is so endearing in Asia to see how grandparents create a living womb for their grandchildren and how they care for them tirelessly, carrying them on their old backs, feeding them, singing hymns to them, and carrying them into adulthood on a fluffy cloud of love.

How strengthening it must be for the children and how infusing with confidence.

9 thoughts on “Day11~ December 11th~ Guilin

  1. Hi,
    Rohan from India.
    The love of grandparents in Asia especially – is double when it comes to their grand children.
    They are so happy to spend time with them and teaching them and it is a sight to watch.
    Its their second generation in-front of their eyes :).
    Love your photos and blog.
    Great work – Happy Christmas and new year in advance.

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