Day 4~ December 4th~ Guilin

The woman, the river and the hills

The woman, the river and the hills

The mountains, the rivers, the oceans, the planet, have been here for millions of years. We, we are just passing through.


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  1. I love this photo, Mimo – every element adds to the others, but especially the hat and the hills πŸ™‚

  2. Really beautiful view. Thanks a lot.

  3. I wonder if they meant the conical hats to emulate the mountains, was this a choice? beautiful .. c

  4. Beautiful. The woman, the river and the hills. Perfect.

  5. Wow … the beauty …. and your fitting words.

  6. Beautiful colors, composition, everything!

  7. That landscape is just INCREDIBLE. I love how the cone of her hat echoes the cones in the landscape. Nicely done.

  8. nice profound writing…wonderful image.

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