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Day 17~ November 17th~ New York

Soho~ NYC

There was a time in the late 80’s and early 90’s when Soho and its converted lofts and warehouses, was home to art and artists that were seeking a place far enough from the mundane to be able to create. It was a time when this area felt so unique, so inspiring and so special. Actors, artists, writers, musicians, dancer, they all moved there and lived in wonderful anonymity. Then commercialism arrived and we watched it slowly transform this area into a huge faceless mall. And as Art appears to be shy, it fled and found new areas to inhabit. Nolita was one new home and later Chelsea and the meat packing district. Because somehow art and commercialism cannot be good roommates.

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Mimo, you are so right about this. The same “migration” takes place in most cities, I think. Also, artists are looking for inexpensive space, the space no one values, so that they have room to work. Once it becomes gentrified, then it becomes expensive and the bohemians move on, one step ahead of everyone else.

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