Day 3~ September 3rd~ Tuscany

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the Arno by night

I often think about the times when humans lived without electricity, the nights when darkness enveloped all with a shroud of mystery. Where people different then? They must have been forced to gaze at the night skies for any source of light, or at the blazing fires that kept them warm. Does electricity force us into a state of daytime existence in the hours of the night that were meant for stargazing, mystery dreaming and contemplation? Is that why we feel so connected to the planet when we go camping or when we visit the desert at night? I also wonder what this river in Florence looked and felt like at the time of the Renaissance…

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  1. Oh yes I remember it well.. love the twinkly lights

  2. Ah Bella Italia, so beautiful your image, makes me miss Italy. Thank you for sharing

  3. Fantastic …

  4. I can close my eyes and walk and dream in that city. Thanks a lot.

  5. Interesting thought and a wonderful photo. I know that when I go camping or leave the city, one of the great pleasures is to look at the stars.

  6. We think and learn so much at night; but not in the city.

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