Day 14~ June 14th~ Xinjiang

Kyrgyz man at lake Karakol

Dignity, the respect of self, living with total agreement and settlement to one’s self selected principles… These are some of the impressions I took with me from Xinjiang and its people. They are custodians of some qualities that are very rapidly becoming lost to our modern world. To be able to go back to basics, wouldn’t that be such a healing to us all?


6 thoughts on “Day 14~ June 14th~ Xinjiang

  1. Love his hat, Mimo, and for some reason it seems to fit exactly with the rest of the photo – resonating with the white clouds and mountain peaks maybe??? Adrian

  2. Absolutely agree with you Mimo as ever.. we cannot keep going at this pace of change.. human beings need some slowness to regroup and reconnect with the real world. This is a very beautiful photograph. I love the angle

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