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Day 12~ June 12th~ Xinjiang

green eyed girl in Tashkurgan

As children run wild, they carry with them the giggling essences of the land, rivers and mountains…

Tashkurgan, a gem of a city, surrounded by golden grasslands, snow capped Pamir mountains, streams, expansive skies and filled with friendly Tajik people who welcome a traveler with bright smiles as they always have when their city was a main stop on the old silk road. Β Drive 2 hours and you will be in Pakistan, Tashkurgan (literally stone fortress) was once the capital of the Sarikol Kingdom. Now Tashkurgan is part of China’s Xinjiang province and access to it is determined by permits and a military checkpoint about tow hours away on the Karakorum highway. I was very lucky to spend time with its children, to walk its streets and to breathe its fresh air.

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This great photograph grabbed my attention. You captured her joyous spirit and zest for life so well. It would be interesting if you could photo log her as she got older. I will be on the lookout for your photo collection book. Keep up the great work.

This looks like a classic National Geographic magazine cover. Those incredible eyes & smile.. Sending this one on to non blogging family & friends.

It’s is a great photo-I was looking for a photo I could share with my daughter as she will be coming home from college. So I searched for “Running in the mountains” as this is what we share when we are together! Your photo reminded me of her fall last year althrough she was not hurt. I also remined her to “watch your step!” I’m not to sure she got it but I found a great photo! Thanks-Ken

I know everyone keeps talking about her eyes (and they are beautiful), but it’s that smile of hers that captures my attention.I don’t know what she was thinking at that moment, but it speaks to me of a happy little girl with a proud and wild spirit. I should know, I have three of them!

I can agree to everything written above. Excellent picture!
First I saw a small version of the picture and though there was a plam tree behind her, reminded of many of my own pictures, ruined by some background object which seemed to “stick out” of peoples heads. Only now I saw that this is actualy her hairdo. πŸ™‚
And, as we’re having the Euro2012 right now, I couldn’t help noticing that shadow to her right. Were they playing football at that time?

Excuse me, please. I know the focus shouldn’t be on it but the truly is beautiful eyes. Just being honest here, did anybody else notice her forehead? What happened? Perhaps, a tragic story behind so it’s not good for a mention, eh?

This child was running wild all over the place laughing with her sister, her parents, her neighbors, so I am pretty sure it is a childhood scratch. My daughter is 8 and I can count at least 3 such scratches on her at any given time just from running around the park and falling πŸ™‚

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