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Day 6~ March 6th~ Egypt

Nofet~noble woman and princess

There is something so entirely remarkable about the statues and the art you see from ancient Egypt. Putting aside any feelings of eeriness and discomfort, the art feels somehow, yes, alive. It radiates, it vibrates, it holds your gaze, it stirs deeply…

And after doing all of that, it makes you think, question, dwell and contemplate. Someone once put out the rather obvious but profound observation that can be easily missed: “Why are teeth never shown in ancien Egypt? What is that all about?”

The seated statues of Nofret (Nefret) and Ra-Hotep (noble prince and Pharaoh’s son and princess) from the 4th Dynasty of Egypt were photographed in the Cairo museum, they stand about 1.2 meters high and are remarkably well preserved. The light on Nefret’s face is from a passing by guide’s flashlight.

Nofret and Ra-Hotep~ Cairo Museum

By ~mimo~

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Great posting, and you are right, there is something different about these statues, because they seem even from a photograph to be life-life, or even perhaps a bit eerie. I suspect that if viewing them in person, there are even more enhanced-feelings. Well done!

Such entrancing images. After seeing the Egyptian exhibit in Wash. D.C., I found myself buying small objects of alabaster, with its incredible ability to capture and transmit light in such an evocative way. These statues have that feel, that essence of captured light.

Great capture! Envious that you got to shoot so many treasures from the Cairo museum! I loved how the inlaid eyes of these statues made them appear so alive! The time frame – more than 4000 years ago- makes them all the more remarkable! Were you able to get some images of the Amarna period? Loved the elongated, stylised sculptures of Akhnaten, Nefertiti and their family 🙂

Thank you. Yes, I did a lot of photography inside the museum. We had a running joke about the beauty of Akhenaten and a friend called him Naomi Campbell 🙂

Hiya Mimo! You stated it @ “(Nefret) radiates, it vibrates, it holds your gaze, it stirs deeply…makes you think, question, dwell and contemplate”.

Both have their hands placed over their hearts__a sign of loyalty and allegiance to the Pharaoh? You gotta admit, Egyptian artifacts are truly entrancing __absolutely spellbinding!!!

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