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Day Three Hundred Sixty Two, January 19, 2012


I have been thinking a lot lately about children and the process of growing up. My daughter is 7 and she is a dreamer, a total believer in the magic of life, in fairies, in angels, in the unusual and special things about life. As she gets schooled and gradually grows older, some of her beliefs will get beaten to the ground and deemed silly, childish and unreal. I dread that day that is sure to come to at least some parts of her magical life and I pray that she may gather some of this sparkle to keep for herself in a special place somewhere, because how dull is a life without magic?

By ~mimo~

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Mimo, have faith in your daughter! I was a kid like that, and my parents’ attitude made all the difference. As an adult, I still experience magical moments and transcendent experiences. Now I am writing a children’s musical based on the fairy tale of Thumbelina and for me, the unseen world is still just on the other side of a gate or a doorway. That’s why Harry Potter and the Narnia Chronicles still have an audience of both children and adults! For a visual fix, introduce your daughter to the artwork of Sulamith Wolfing – very beautiful stuff. But of course, many of your images have that same quality 🙂

Wonderful, wonderful, dear Mimo, your picture together with your writing !!
I’m sure, YOUR connection, your believe and your love for the magic and very special things in life will help your daughter to be able to keep hers.
With love

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