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Morning Coffee Talk~ 19/365

Good Morning,

If you celebrate Christmas, you must be counting down at this point to the event next Friday. Here in Germany, some of the cities like Duesseldorf are lucky to have their Christmas markets still open despite the rising Covid-19 numbers, but with restrictions.

At this point the change and strangeness of the pandemic can no longer be denied or ignored by anyone. Masked faces are becoming the new normal and we are learning to read faces from the expressions in the eyes. A city of masked super heroes who keep on going towards the holidays armed with hope, the will to live, the love of joy and being with family and friends.

The resilience of humans feels like an encoded gift in our genetic makeup. We somehow seem to adapt and keep finding the beauty in life despite the circumstances. History is filled with examples of this and it just makes me smile.

Enjoy the countdown and let’s see what this new year is bringing.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Yes, I’m sure it’s a hot topic … Here in South Africa where the new variant was identified, there has been no changes at all since then. Simply because it doesn’t really pose a serious risk – this was known to us since the start. Anyway, all in all considered, I think we have moved way past the limits of what people can endure, so 2022 will most likely be a very volatile year.

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