Photography Projects in Lockdown~ Hope

Two months ago, lockdown began as a precaution for the Covid-19 pandemic in Germany. I had to find a creative way to change the way that my busy and very active photography meetup group of over 2000 members meets and keeps on finding inspiration.

So the photographing a concept came to life. The first idea was to invite everyone to try and photograph ‘hope’. The results (photographs and words to go with them were sent to me and we had a short zoom meeting afterwards to reflect on the process and share the work). I had no idea what would happen. To my surprise the process caught on immediately and attracted people from outside the group who saw the posting on facebook. The results were so inspiring to me and the process has kept us all busy week after week (we are up to project 5 by now). I will be sharing the presentations from each of these here starting with ‘hope’.

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  1. I love the hope and connection I found in your video, as well as the stunning color. I was surprised to find the title of my recent poem, Hope is Green, as well. I guess it goes to show that there is nothing truly new in the world. Everything has been discovered before, but we can still have our sense of wonder. Here’s my poem:

  2. I 💜photography

  3. Very helpful
    Thanks a lot

  4. I love this! Way to build a community during these hard times ❤️

  5. A lovely idea Mimo.

  6. Sadly the video isn’t working for me Mimo. 🙁

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