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Forget me not~

miscalculated twist of fate~ Yunnan

As I go through my archives, I relive moments from my past travels and like a magical time travel machine, I find myself there again in the moment, looking into the eyes of other humans, feeling what I felt then and simply connecting.

This is one of the many reasons I love photography, the real connections that are made, human to human, where all the differences melt away.

Day 76 of 365~
Image taken in the remote village of Dayangjie, Yunnan, China

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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That’s one reason for photography, I think, and for me it’s a reminder, too, for the time, the feelings, the mood. Very interesting is the way I feel the pics in today, the difference between past and now about the meaning of the pictures. Sorry for my silly english and kind regards from Deutschland ☺ Olaf

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