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Where do we go in sleep?~

Its a natural law, everyone must sleep. But where do we go when we sleep? We surrender completely to a process we know very little about and lay in a still state recharging as part of us travels to who knows where! And then don’t get me started on dreams!

Day 49 of 365~

Image taken of a bird flying over the river Lahn

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

One reply on “Where do we go in sleep?~”

🙂 Mimo, I chuckled when I read: “don’t get me started on dreams”. You probably know that Freud was interested in analyzing dreams and suggested ways we could interpret them. When I was much younger, I tried the method he laid out, but to no avail. The result was a loss of much sleep! 🙂

Since that time, I’ve come to understand that dreams are just nonsense, unless, as recorded in the bible, they are messages from the Most High Creator-God. Peace Hon!

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