The things we don’t talk about~

We get so busy with life that we ignore death. We celebrate distractions, the things that make us avoid the question of our own mortality on this planet and all the time treating something as natural as death as we would an avoidable inconvenience.

I wonder if this great fear stems from our lack of education, our inability to handle the unknown, not coming to terms with the inevitable, or the way our lives are more and more based in materialism.

Day 43 of 365~

Images taken somewhere on the Shanghai underground

4 thoughts on “The things we don’t talk about~

  1. Mimo, the fear of death may be due, in part, to a “lack of education”, Most educational institutions spew out and feed the peeps with the illogical and irrational crap of evolution. There is a total denial and rejection of a Creator-God and his plan and will for the humans he has created.

    The bible answers the questions and musings you posed, Mimo. Religion is not the answer because it is a man-made construct containing some truth, coupled with plenty of lies. In short, the real deal “Truth” is found within the pages of the bible. Peace Hon!

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