Back Where it all Began~ NYC

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Here in this vibrantly pulsating city is where I discovered photography and more than that it is where I met myself. Each time I come back here I reconnect pieces of myself that I missed terribly. I can’t wait to rediscover the forever changing streets that never really change. I just love New York.

day 21 of 365

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  1. Love these pictures! NYC has so much to offer for catching unique and gorgeous moments. I’m also a fan.

  2. Great photos 🙂 For me it has also began in NYC

  3. I love your pictures. 🙂 hope to visit one day NYC

  4. I love NYC and what a great place to learn photography!

  5. It’s always an inexplicable pleasure to be at a place which you can call your own. Wishing you many more beautiful moments to relive 🙂

  6. Great city, love the images.

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