Nothing is as it seems~

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The same place on a rainy day is not the same as it were yesterday. We are creatures influenced by our environment and something as small as our emotions can make the world a different place to be in on a day like today which is nothing like yesterday…

image taken on a wet pavement of walkers by reflected and flipped.

Day 3 of 365

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  1. Love this. The fusion of elements, the patterns that defy what we expect from patterns by being unpredictable. Really nice.

  2. Dear Mimo,

    A small note to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your daily posts! Thank you for putting your work into the world. I look forward to the unfolding story of this years journey. May we see the wonders that surround us and create light wherever we go. Wishing you an inspired New Year! lenis

    kirsten muskat 503-880-8775


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