Two Days in Bagan~

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An echo of the great sense of awe that met me when I first saw the great pyramids of Giza back in 1996, Bagan enveloped me with an overwhelming wonder that will live in my mind as long as I walk and breathe. Thousands of beautiful structures spiraling to the skies scattered across miles of green trees, a setting that could  only have been imagined by something greater than us. I felt humbled at the beauty and richness of what caused such a place to exist. 

Two days are certainly not enough and can only open a small window to what lives in this world. 

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  1. Additionally, I usually love your B&W work, but those photos are superb. I can feel the light pouring down everywhere.

  2. Didn’t you feel you stepped back in time a few hundred years?

  3. I agree with Jeff- that last picture with the monk’s silhouette and the sunset can make one dream.

  4. dear Mimo
    each one of this picture it a all search and life question ,,,the rotten of life the belief behind the abuttal life and the life it self … thanks so much for being the eyes of the life it self for us… with respect

  5. Beautiful photos. I like the last one with the monk silhouetted.

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