Unforgettable Mandalay~ 

Innocent, untouched, warm, human, uncorrupted, devout, kind, charming…. the people I am meeting in Myanmar. I find myself smiling constantly and feeling grateful to be experiencing a culture so rich, and I pray for the hands of our modern world to go easy in their inevitable plans of tourist invasions and homogenization. 

Day 2~ Myanmar 

16 thoughts on “Unforgettable Mandalay~ 

  1. Seeing your clicks is always a delight for my eyes. They initiate a thought process in me.
    Modern ease or primitive peace – i am baffled, what we really want? what is good for us?

  2. you took me with you to visit Myanmar and it make me feel being in 2 places he same time….all support and love

  3. Awesome picture. Did you use artificial light to illuminate the face of the boy in the foreground?

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