Unforgettable Mandalay~ 

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Innocent, untouched, warm, human, uncorrupted, devout, kind, charming…. the people I am meeting in Myanmar. I find myself smiling constantly and feeling grateful to be experiencing a culture so rich, and I pray for the hands of our modern world to go easy in their inevitable plans of tourist invasions and homogenization. 

Day 2~ Myanmar 

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  1. Myanmar is my absolute favorite. You’ve captured it beautifully!

  2. Amen to that. Burma is definitely on my TT (Travel-To) list. Must hurry. 🙂
    Enjoy Day 3. And 4. And…

  3. This sunset is simply fantastic! And the pictures of the little lads are true portrays. Congrats!

  4. Seeing your clicks is always a delight for my eyes. They initiate a thought process in me.
    Modern ease or primitive peace – i am baffled, what we really want? what is good for us?

  5. Planning to visit to Myanmar next year. Have bookmarked your posts.

  6. you took me with you to visit Myanmar and it make me feel being in 2 places he same time….all support and love

  7. Wow, such great photos! Nice to follow you on IG too, glad you´re enjoying amazing Myanmar (people)! Happy travels! Ron

  8. Awesome picture. Did you use artificial light to illuminate the face of the boy in the foreground?

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