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The Soul of Yunnan~

reverence~ Yunnan
Golden dedication~ Yunnan
Golden Dedication

Every new journey gives me a renewed set of reasons to do what I love to do. I love the art of photography. Time stops when I am in the streets of a new place, meeting people, looking through their eyes, watching them from a distance as they do what they do, and feeling a rising sense of excitement at being part of it all. In my recent trip to the region of Yunnan around Dali, I had a lot of time to reflect and to ponder what it is about photography that keeps me traveling, venturing and adventuring in search of human connection. It came to me one early morning just before sunrise, it is the soul of the place, that is what meets me at those special moments and gives me permission to capture its magic. You may give it any other name you wish, for me, it’s the soul.

she bashfully ran in a swoosh of color~ Yi Minority~ Yunnan
She Bashfully Ran in a Swoosh of Color


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Love the old woman in the reverence photo. Sometimes we forget to look at old people, so busy are we running all around. She has a great elegance. (How would you say “port de tête” in english?)
The way she holds herself? Even bowing?

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