Our Fragile Strength


Today we had a little scare that Lea’s little finger was fractured. It was a close one, but luckily she escaped the worst. We spent some time after that looking at the X-Rays together and we were fascinated by the look of the human bone structure. It is incredible to see how much amazing engineering goes into the mechanics of the human complex, starting with the very foundation of our physical strength, our bones. And then one small accident and we can fracture that strength and spend weeks recovering. I remember breaking my arm 3 times as a child before reaching my daughters age (she is 10), and each time it felt somewhat heroic to go through the whole ordeal. And of course there was the white cast for everyone to sign 🙂

Photo taken of Lea through the X-Ray of her hand.

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  1. Hi Mimo. Glad it was only a scare. When our daughters were little and we’d get them into the car, before we closed the doors, the order was: “Les mains sur la tête!” (Hands on your head) to make sure they wouldn’t inadvertently put their hands in the wrong place and we might crush their little fingers closing the doors! 🙂
    It was a good ritual.
    Again, I’m glad the little fingers are all right!
    Take care

  2. Super! Very imaginative image.

  3. Kudos on all levels!! D

  4. Great composition, and most important of all: get well soon, Lea!

  5. What a beautiful image.

  6. Facing such vulnerability, I’ve learned to offer “a sacrifice of thanksgiving and trust in the Lord”.

  7. That’s an awesome shot of her face peering through her bones. What strong straight fingers and joints!

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