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Our Guarded Selves

Earlier this evening from the car window
Earlier this evening from the car window

We face the world day after day, week after week, we get shuffled around in lines, into cars, buses and trains, we get bombarded with information and visual stimuli; and the only thing that keeps us sane is the inner sanctum of our lives. We manage to keep parts of us hidden somewhere deep inside, guarded, protected and fortified. In public we wear our outside face, the one we save for the daily battle.

Our inner lives just wait for us to take them to a forest, a beach, a walk in nature, just to have a moment out of confinement, a break from our self-created prisons.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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I think this captures the splitting of the human psyche. Wanting to be somewhere else, needing to be somewhere else on the inside, but lost in the blur of right here, right now.

Very beautiful and true. Hopefully you can release that inner self at home and with loved ones. I am quite fortunate to have a person to share that with.

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