Faceless Urbanism

the current of faceless humanity

the current of faceless humanity

How often do I catch myself walking in the city with my eyes down watching the pavement and the flow of faceless people passing by. The city can do that to us, it can make us reduce humanity to a flow of bodies passing by, forgetting that each one of them has a story, a life and a face.

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  1. Nice! (Good to see you back on 365!)
    Faceless urbanism? Half of the work is in the title, right?

  2. Powerful words and image, Mimo. I’m guilty of that as well when I’m in the city.

  3. it’s because of schedules …. we should come up with jobs to enjoy, not jobs being there as timetables and schedules …

  4. You should once try the busy bylanes of Mumbai, India. Sometimes you bump into people in the crowd while walking on the streets who are interesting and make you learn something new.

  5. Such a powerful image! Almost doesn’t need words as it tells such a strong story on its own.

  6. Compassion must rise up once again to see one another. Thanks for sharing the image.

  7. This is so true, sometimes we know more about their shoes then the person wearing them

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