Street Portraits~ Finding Myself in the Streets of Dubai

captain of his own boat

captain of his own boat

his eyes and my lens had a conversation

his eyes and my lens had a conversation

shrouded with mystery and distance of the far seas

shrouded with mystery and distance of the far seas

the eyes that sailed the ocean

the eyes that sailed the ocean

These striking men are part of the foreign working force that powers the engine of the Dubai metropolis. They granted my eye contact and for that I am grateful.

Images taken during our last ‘finding yourself in the streets’ street photography workshop earlier this month.

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  1. These are really good portraits and the use of direct gaze has a strong impact upon the views allowing is to see these men, to connect with them, however briefly. Nice work.

  2. Strong images here. Worth looking at. Not always the case on the Net!

  3. Great series of portraits.

  4. Tu fais vraiment un travail superbe ! Beaucoup de sensibilité, c’ est ce que j’ aime chez toi !

  5. Very nice Mimo. As usual.
    Where have you been?
    Miss more posts from you!
    Have a lovely week-end, week, month, etc.
    Take care

  6. I love the last one the most! Would like to see more 🙂

  7. Beautiful portraits. Universal expressions through simple eye contact.

  8. Most of these workers are from south asia, Land of Seafarers. They were called ”Meluhans” or people from Meluha which means the land of seafarers by the Mesopotamians in 2500 B.C.

  9. Oh, the stories those men must have …

    • Stunning portraits.

      What do you make of the reports of itinerants being lured from India and other Asian countries, having their passports confiscated upon arrival and being subjected to a life of virtual and hidden slavery so that Dubai’s rich, and the elite who go there to do business and even live can enjoy lives of total luxury?

      As Ronnie Hammer says, oh the stories they must have indeed.

  10. Oh Dubai, Is it Abra? Nice pics btw.


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