rainy contemplations~ China

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The rain, it has the power to enforce a stillness, a sense of calm, a blanketed silence, and inside of that we can somehow think more peacefully…

I love capturing memories of raindrops, umbrellas and the brave ones who walk and think in the rain.

rainy contemplations-3 rainy contemplations-4 rainy contemplations-6 rainy contemplations rainy contemplations-5

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  1. I love these rain photos.

  2. Inspiring stuff, Mimo. I love umbrellas too – doing a little series of them at mo.

  3. No2 is my personal favorite // great

  4. like my blog also !

  5. Wonderful textures and dissolute feeling

  6. The quality of these pictures is perfect to make the viewer FEEL the dampness of the day. I love the way the yellow inside of then umbrella shows by the light shining through.

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