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loving what you do and doing what you love

fisherman~ Penang~ Malaysia
fisherman~ Penang~ Malaysia

Have you ever tried to photograph or just picture in your mind an office worker who does not like what they do, but do it only because they have to? Can you imagine the expression of discontent and almost despair on their face? I still remember having jobs before where I did a mental countdown daily until the time came that I was free to go home. How unnatural it is to live that way…

Imagine finding what you love to do and doing just that all day, every day, wishing you had more hours in the day to do it. This is how I feel about photography and my work in it. I love doing it, sharing it, learning it, teaching it, exploring the world with inquisitive eyes, mind and faculty and remaining constantly at awe of everything I see and everyone I meet.

All of this has become more and more intense since I found another photographer who shares my vision and who was willing to dive into the unknown of a new amazing project of taking our love of photography and exploring the world while sharing it with others who have the same passion.

We found and keep finding ourselves in the streets of the city, where we meet the unexpected, exchange unforgettable moments with other humans, and then capture and share bits of it with the world.

Please visit our new project ‘finding yourself in the streets’, where Tokyo photographer Michael Kistler and I are beginning our photographic adventure, and hopefully see you one day in the streets!

Please ‘like’ our facebook page if you have time and help us kickstart this exciting adventure!

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I can imagine that office worker very well, because it used to be me. My interest in photography was one of the things that helped me to get away from that life. Best of luck with the new project.

How wonderful it is to find your passion in life! I’ve tried to instill that philosophy in my children, both are grown and working in the arts. It’s a very, very hard way to make a living these days but if it’s your passion, you will find a way!
Wonderful photo! How happy he looks!

It’s great that you’re doing what you love. Unfortunately for me, I’m almost like the office worker I dreaded becoming. Thanks for motivating me not give up on what I want to do 🙂

The die was cast early on. God kicked Adam out of the Garden of Eden and told him that he would have to sweat for his bread, eat dust etc for the rest of man’s days on earth. Not to mention the pain of childbirth allotted to Eve! So whoever gets to enjoy his work must count himself very fortunate (which makes photographers a lucky lot indeed).

yes this is way he look so happy ,,,,happy essence love happy people – happy people attract essence – great one

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