Shielded realities~

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Early evening at Bastakiyah~ Dubai

Early evening at Bastakiyah~ Dubai

Some worlds will only allow you a hazy glimpse…

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  1. Wonderfully mysterious.. she looks as though she is walking out of the light..

  2. amazing shot! really beautiful unexpected focus! i’ve got to try that! 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful image. Simple, yet it says so much.

  4. I like that very much, Mimo! Adrian

  5. Very fitting. So I ask you …. of all your travels, which people are the most private?

  6. Love this one Mimo. I am drawn to these types of shots where you know what it is, but the focus gives a sense of mystery. Great contrasts with beiges vs black.

  7. I love the unexpected focus on wall. It makes me think of what someone would see who was just standing leaning against the wall while people pass by all around them.

  8. best to have the tow posiblity ,,,,clear and lass clear so we can elact the stat we wish to have

  9. Fabulous, Mimo. This series is so beautiful and mysterious.

  10. Magnifique photo !

  11. Great shot! The wonderfully shallow dof makes this image stand out! The lady in the burkha contrasts very well with the color of the wall.

  12. What a beautiful image. I like the blur which adds mystery and I find the colours very appealing.

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