Child of the alley

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child of the alley

child of the alley

They roam the little alleys looking up at adults with wide eyes, they are petted by every passer by, talked to by every grandmother and given treats by every aunt and uncle, they are loved. The more I go to the alleys, the more I walk among the people, the more I feel the warmth and the innocence that transfer between the generations.

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  1. It´s a very sad photograph. But also a magnificent work.
    I follow you.

  2. A powerful image.

  3. Mimo, your gift for capturing the essence of a person has never been more evident. Though a joyful post, this one caught at my heart.

  4. Full of emotion. Amazing photo! Best, Sam

  5. This give me goosebumps, Mimo.
    The light in the eyes… wow…

  6. You see so much Mimo. With your face behind the camera, and when it’s not. Wonderful contrasting image-moody in either direction.

  7. Excellent portrait, Mimo! Adrian

  8. I initially saw sadness in the pic … but with your words, I put together that to understand sadness one must understand the people.

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