Modernization at any cost

progress will wait for no one~ Shanghai's condemned alleys

progress will wait for no one~ Shanghai’s condemned alleys

Shanghai, the pride of China, races towards its future, bejeweled with glitzy sky scrapers, glowing with billions of energy consuming lights, employing the largest work force in the world, day and night, 7 days a week and waiting for no one to be ready for this epic change. In neighborhoods like this one, people are given very little notice before their homes get demolished giving room to bigger, more modern and more expensive buildings. The people themselves are moved to housing outside the city to start a new life with little character, with no traditions and with not much choice. Every week that I visit these alleys, I find that more and more of them has disappeared…


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  1. We can only be sure of change and death….

  2. This reminds me of a documentary I saw on the building of Three Gorges Dam. Over a million individuals displaced and the river, too…

  3. I hope we don’t want all from the old world, even if some modernization is necessary. Seems unfair.

  4. Sad and unfair!

  5. Sad and unfair it seems!

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