Those defining moments

When it all falls into place

When it all falls into place

I have often tried to describe in so many different ways why I love street photography so much above any other style, but then come moments to me in the streets that redefine it all for me, the whole love affair. Today, I received this incredible gift, a window opened, a moment magically presented itself and I was showered with an overwhelming emotion at the magic of it all. A shabby alley in a condemned neighborhood of Shanghai, perhaps a month away from certain demolition, a little girl with an angelic face, an old worn out leather sofa juxtaposed on the side of the alley in a most unusual place, an old bike nearby and her face searching mine making time stop, and me with a heart beating very fast raising my camera to try and capture magic through the lens and knowing it will be an image I would treasure for the rest of my life.

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  1. A truly beautiful moment Mimo.. thank you so much for sharing it with us..

  2. How they capture me, the little girl’s eyes.

  3. Renders me speechless

  4. I can see why you will treasure this image. It’s beautiful and has so much heart.

  5. I very much see why you will treasure this photo. It is more than wonderful.

  6. I’m glad I was with you. I felt what you were feeling and I knew you got it. I love this photo so much!!

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