Anonymity~ the great gift of urbanism

Because you don't want everyone to know your name

Because you don’t want everyone to know your name

The most difficult thing about change is to not be allowed to do so. In a big city change is a way of life and conformity can be easily pushed aside to make room for a journey of personal development. But then there are some rare villages and tribes where personal development is championed above all else. I have seen one or two.


12 thoughts on “Anonymity~ the great gift of urbanism

  1. Hi I really enjoy your blog and even though you have more followers than most I have decided to break the rules of this award because it’s worth it. I enjoy your blog so much that I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Totally up to you if you want to play. For more info feel free to click on here: You can use the same questions that were asked of me if you like 🙂 Thanks and congrats. Keep it up. Pam aka MzZoomer


  2. don’t remember who said it, “in the city time becomes visible”. an allegory, all in all. in villages and more remote slammer communities maybe time remains in the realm of symbol. it makes a different in the way life flows in individuals. beautiful shot


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