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Is this the final destination or does the journey go on and on?

In transit~ Shanghai
In transit~ Shanghai

It is the biggest question of all! Are we here only for this lifetime? Do we go on afterwards? Why can’t we remember where we came from? Does it make any sense for it to end here? What kind of a bad investment would that be?

The questions that haunt us all and the answers that we think we are so sure of, but are we? No one has been there and back yet, have they?

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Love this shot, and you once again paired it brilliantly with your thoughts and questions. I hope the journey continues. As you mentioned, it would be a waste (or bad investment) if it didn’t. 🙂

BTW, if anyone is interested in knowing what the commandments of the Creator-God are, as recorded in the Bible, check out Exodus: Chpt. 20 verses 1 – 17. Peace and blessings to all!

The answer to the questions posed can only be answered based upon the evidence and proof that a Creator-God exists. There is a simple proof for the existence of a Creator-God. See

Since a Creator-God does exist, then it is reasonable to believe that this Creator-God can communicate with the creatures he has created. It, therefore, is the responsibility and the duty of each person to seek the record/testimony of that communication and live accordingly.

For my part, the record/testimony is contained within the pages of the Bible __the older testament and the new testament. However, I’d like to point out that NOT every word found in the bible “proceeds from the mouth of the Creator”.

Here are the extremely short answers as recorded in that testimony and record.

__Are we here only for this lifetime? As a physical blood and bone person, the answer is “YES”.

__Do we go on afterwards? When a person dies they go to the grave = hell, hades, sheol also referred to as the “pit”. The person’s loves, hates, pains, plans, doing, thinking, etc perish with they die.

__Why can’t we remember where we came from? A living human being did not pre-exist in any form before conception. However, as a person comes into the age of reason, that individual knows, intuitively, that a Creator exists from the things he/she sees in nature and the heavenlies.

__Does it make sense for it to end here? According to the testimony, as recorded in the bible, there will be a resurrection. Those who lived according to the commands of the Creator will be given eternal life.

Those who denied/rejected the Creator and his commands will be eternally destroyed __that is, they will exist no more. The Creator is not going to torture anyone for all eternity! That is NOT recorded in the bible.

Peace out, to all!

I think the journey goes on and on and…..
Only the names change.

Another nice shot in your movement series. I really like the contrast of the figues in the foreground with the hint of city skyline in the background. It’s just sooooo cool.

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